Introducing our exceptionally crafted 3D video, showcasing all the features and capabilities of the Moto G Play, Motorola's latest release. 
In collaboration with Matter | Energy, we delved into the world of technology to bring you a visually stunning and informative experience.
In this captivating 3D video, we dive into the extensive range of features the Moto G Play has to offer, pushing boundaries and exploring all the possibilities this device holds.
From its impressive screen to its high-performance capabilities.
Client: Motorola US
Client lead: Maria Jose Risco Saco, Kathryn Peartree and 
Laurin Link
Agency: Matter | Energy 
Creative directors: André Matarazzo and Manuel Nogueira
Executive Producer: Fernanda Stapassoli 
Director: Vinícius Lavor
Producer and coordinator: Paulo Conceição 
Production Assistent: Luan Litaiff
Design: Bruno Moncada, Enzo Kinukawa
UX designers: Jonas Oliveira, Rossini Barbosa
Animation: Eduardo Lunkes, Enzo Kinukawa, Vinicius Lavor
Motion design: Bruno Takita
Audio: A9 audio

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